Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bill Gates will lose all his money in 8.5 years

Start Capital  $              42,000,000,000
No of People Helping 500,000
Inflation 2%
Annual Income to each person  $                              10,000
Interest 3%
Year                       Capital($)                   After annual income($)                   Spent($)      
1 42,000,000,000 43,260,000,000 5,000,000,000 38,260,000,000
2 38,260,000,000 39,407,800,000 5,100,000,000 34,307,800,000
3 34,307,800,000 35,337,034,000 5,202,000,000 30,135,034,000
4 30,135,034,000 31,039,085,020 5,306,040,000 25,733,045,020
5 25,733,045,020 26,505,036,371 5,412,160,800 21,092,875,571
6 21,092,875,571 21,725,661,838 5,520,404,016 16,205,257,822
7 16,205,257,822 16,691,415,556 5,630,812,096 11,060,603,460
8 11,060,603,460 11,392,421,564 5,743,428,338 5,648,993,226
9 5,648,993,226 5,818,463,022 5,858,296,905 -39,833,883

There was a rickshaw drivers strike in Kolkata. The situation was dire. It was about pensions
for the drivers.
Bill Gates offered to help. The Head of the Trade Union laughed at him. Gave him a spreadsheet.
What if you pension off 500,000 drivers at $10,000 pa with inflation built in?, he remarked
"What happens?" asks Bill Gates
"Your money disappears in 8.5 years" replies the official
"That's how powerful you are"
Indian Breakfast for Bill Gates
First an offering of marigolds at a temple and the lighting of a lamp
Mango Pickle
A banana
Masala Tea

Pics of Kala Bhavan in Bengal

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Filo Magic from 3 Hatted Oz Food Legend Janni Kyritsis

Sparkling Janni Kyritsis. Came to Australia aged 23 speaking no English. From a simple family in Northern Greece his back pack was stuffed with generosity, kindness and initiative. Started as an Electrician and through encouragement from his partner David he slowly entered the world of food. Worked with Gay Bilson, Stephanie Alexander. Started his own restaurant MG Garage and earned 3 Hats in the first year. Recently honoured with Legend Award from Good Food Guide. This is his Filo Magic in his own words. Bear in mind that he is self- taught in English writing….

Filo Sweet or savoury filo fingers.

In all my professional career I have made my own filo.
I love the feel of it, the way it stretches as thin as paper enough to read a news paper under it, the texture of it, and of course it always remind me seeing members of my family making their own filo with clouds of flour drifting
from the kitchen into the living room.
Now that I left the commercial kitchen behind and try to do all my cooking in my gully kitchen I rediscovered the wonderful and so versatile commercial filo.

A packet of filo lasts for weeks in the fridge but what I do, I open the filo flat
out of the packet and frieze it in layers of 6 and 3 leaves. They defrost in a minute and ready to use. 2 leaves brushed with a light oil is enough for the bottom of a pie dish for 6 people, after I place the filling into the dish and fold the filo over the filling   then I put another oiled and torn in pieces leaf on top, it gives an attractive look to the pie and certainly makes the pie very light compare to the normal short crust or puff party.

Another way I have been using the filo most regularly is to make rolled filo finger either sweet or savoury.
6 filo leaves will give you 24 fingers for coffee or drinks 
No need for a recipe the list of fillings is as long as all the ingredients you have got in your kitchen and your imagination.
 I have made mixtures with nuts (walnuts, almonds, Pistachios, pine nuts,) 
I have used dry fruits (raisins, sultanas, apricots, citrus peels) orange or lemon rinds spices and sometime a spoonful of honey to combine the mixture, 
A jar of fruit mince I discovered in the back of my kitchen cupboard the other day made a very nice filling.
For savouries I have used olives cut in half and put in a layer, 3 anchovies
cut in half length wise is enough for a roll, some feta pieces and herbs,
Strips of cheese and ham and so on.

Here is what you do, start the oven on 200c
Place a filo leaf in the table use oil or butter and brush half of the leaf
Fold over the other half and brush again,
Add a thin layer of filling on the one end of the leaf and roll tightly 
They should not be more than a finger thick.
Place on a baking tray making sure the end part stays underneath.
When they all finessed brush them with oil or butter prick them in a few places so the steam escapes  and cook them for 
approximately 25 minutes the will look brown in the first 10 minutes,
don’t be tempt to remove them from the oven too early you need to make sure all the layers of the filo are  cooked right through.
Remove them from the oven immediately they are done on some kitchen paper to make sure they don’t absorb back any oil lying in the tray.
Cut its stick diagonal in 4 pieces and serve, 
They are best hot or warm and they can be reheated the next day.    

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Best Free Meditation in Sydney+ Best Church Service

Siddha Yoga Centre, Dulwich Hill. Been going for 40 years. Friday 7.30 pm. 45 mins chanting. 45 minutes meditation. Light dinner at a small cost beforehand. Tea and cake after. You can make a small voluntary offering at end.

Christ Church St Laurence, Broadway has the best choir in Sydney. Sunday service at 10.30 am. Wear a jacket or tie and immerse yourself in the amazing singing. Service usually two hours followed by refreshments. A group then go and have lunch at Great Southern Hotel

I was/am/was/am Australia

I was nameless
But my skies were blue
My trees were green
My rivers were full
My seas were sparkling

I attract and comfort with my red stillness, my orange sun, my yellow awareness, my green love, my light blue voice, my indigo blue rhythm, my navy blue repose, my pink laugh, my gold comfort, my purple ease, my gold nature
my white silence

A temple may have appeared some 50,000 years ago in my Kimberley region
A Gold Shiva. But maybe then it was abandoned. Someone may have found it again recently

My silence is golden. I am the oldest continent.

Some came by boats, some walked across. The kangaroos always hop.

They were attracted
By my blue skies
My green trees
My full rivers my sparkling seas

My silence is golden. And over the centuries an almost monastic life of few belongings evolved.

And then more refined boats came. This time with sails.
They were attracted
By my blue skies
My green trees
My full rivers my sparkling seas

And some poor

Stone houses, roads, agriculture, mining, schools and hats were born.
So was my name. I am Australia

And I contend with the universal drive of greed, lust and anger

Many ashrams, temples, churches, mosques and places of peace exist. In cities and in the tranquil bush. My silence is golden. My flies are aggressive.

They were attracted
By my blue skies
My green trees
My full rivers my sparkling seas

Harbourfront homes, workers cottages, the National Trust, Art, Energy, Rugby, Cricket, Bush Dances, World music, Rachmaninoff, Sculthorpe are here. Banks too.

They have discovered the gifts in my bowels. There is a lot more.

Maybe I will be abandoned like the temple those 50,000 years ago? My silence is golden. As I know it all.

I attract and comfort with my red wines, my orange dessert wines, my yellow bananas, my green spinach, my light blue coolness, my indigo blue opera companies, my navy blue seeds, my pink pavlovas, my gold bread, my purple passion fruit, my gold beer, my white noodles.
I attract and comfort with my red deserts, my orange birds of paradise, my yellow frangipani, my green feel, my light blue reefs, my indigo blue cicadas, my navy blue. My pink gladiolas, my gold beaches, my purple mountains, my gold sunsets, my white.

Ps.I say to all my children. Please relax. I will provide. Maybe a new Buddha will be born here. Is this as close as you get to paradise? I will let you decide. As I said the universal greed does test me. But you know what to do. Don’t you?

by Manjit Bawa

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Be like Ganesha to succeed

An Aussie Ganesha by Stephen Bird now showing at Wollongong Art Gallery

Be like Ganesha: to succeed in Business

When a new business or venture is started Shri Ganesha is worshipped and his image or statue is prominently displayed. While in the West he is referred to as The Elephant God, there is a lot to learn from him. A lot of Indians who worship have little idea of this. I am grateful of PP Shree Dwarkeshlalji Ahmedabad ( Kadi) for including these few points in a recent lecture. The contents of the offerings are my own ideas.

His Long Trunk- to sniff out all deals
His Big Stomach- to keep secrets
His Small Eyes- for attention to detail
His mouse- who finds information from the tiniest cracks
His Cheerful Welcoming face- customers come first
His Big Ears- to hear about anything and everything. To keep informed
His many hands- to remind us to be efficient in every action. To use our 4 hands. Two material/two spiritual

Modern Offerings for Shri Ganesha

When it is hot
Avocado and Goats Cheese Mousse
Ice cubes made of coffee
Tomato Jelly on Bread
Kachoris( Gujrati starter)  and Tamarind Salsa
Cucumbers with Dill
Fennel, oranges and saffron
Kulfi, Fennel and Saffron Water
Pomegranate Granitas
Orange Marigolds decorated in a square

When it is cold
Tomato soup with lots of Cumin
Undhiyu- a delicate Vegetarian curry from Gujarat
Puran Puri- a festive Chapatti
Shredded carrot with a lemon dressing
Beetroot curry
Lots of Multi coloured Fryums ( referred to as Phar Phar in Gujrat- made from rice flour come in many sizes. 3 ins diameter would be the quaintest)
Pawpaw and Mangos with Fennel and Saffron Water

Red Roses decorated in a circle

Ganesha in Sydney Australia

Still from Play: Ganesha and The Third Reich

Ganeshas in Western Sydney

Sunday, September 13, 2015

More Arty India- Orange Breakfast at Sanskriti

Sanskriti is  a Terracotta Art Village in New Delhi. Part of the Asia Link Art residency programme. They do accept other people too- cost is around $40 a day for a studio and accommodation. I understand artists can stay for 6 weeks. Many big names have stayed here.

I would insist on an Orange breakfast here to match the look. I won’t write more – let the pictures of the place speak for itself

Orange Breakfast

Jalebis and Milk
Orange dhall and fenugreek with Yogurt
Indian Rusks

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Janmashtmi- Krishna Birthday

Krishna loved curd. To make it at home make a yogurt using cream. It needs careful heating so look out for recipes on the web. Human pyramids form all over the world to break a pot of curd hanging high up.

On this day Ekdashi foods are consumed. So no grains and no spices

The best to offer for his breakfast has to be devotion.
No lust, no anger, no greed.

Singing in raag Malav is also wonderful. Orange is the favoured colour of the day

All this he has created for us.Only the lucky few get it though. Invisible gates/or are they gates of the mind

The event worldwide

and in Sydney Krishna arrives and a boy prepares to climb the human pyramid

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rupert Murdoch

Final thoughts of Rupert Murdoch

dollars/TV/ deals?