Saturday, August 29, 2015

Brother-Sister Day

Celebrating Brother-Sister day, Sisters tie a token on brothers wrist for protection. Sparkling Silver and Pink one given to me by my ozindian sister Joan Bowers some years ago- home made idli sambhar lunch with mum- and a man with many sisters Rakshabandhan

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gandhi Kasturba Love

He touched her in public for the first time-allowed in last rites. Gandhi Kasturba. He had first seen her face on their wedding night

As they travelled so much, they carried almonds and grapes to eat. Some say there was also Olive Oil and Lemon juice

I suspect they also loved Rotla ( a millet bread). Keeps for a long time. Mix millet flour and water slowly to a shortcrust pastry consistency. Spread as thinly as possible in an oiled pie dish. Bake in a heated oven 180 degrees for 20 mins.

Gandhi's 6 Leadership rules:Let your team know that you are always learning/ Passionately articulate a clear vision of where you want things to go, then set an example by acting upon that vision/ Use your people skills, not your position/  Listen twice as much as you talk/ Get rid of the serious face/ Make the "doing" of work interesting and meaningful

Monday, August 24, 2015

A musicians breakfast

Zubin Kanga- Indian boy from Sydney- classical pianist- making waves- I thank his parents His brother a composer, his father a poet, his mother voted in Top 100 influential women in Australia. Jai Ho

What does a musician have for breakfast?


fresh fruit


Masala Tea

Picture of sydney dance group Holiya

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shreenathji collection in Sydney

Joan Bowers Shreenathji collection in Sydney. Each item in the cupboard has a swaroop. One day she will invite the sangh to visit. She has been going to India for several years ‪#‎shreenathji‬.... Krishna worshipped as a 7 year old. Worship includes the most beautiful of food, decoration, flowers, scent.Main Haveli is in Nathdwara

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

why dance with colour

red will earth, orange touches. yellow observes, green sea-like waves, utterances light blue, voices indigo blue travelling. a place navy blue, maybe pink,(yes of course). perhaps gold ( yes of course), smile purple and gold. And of course white.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Morning Tea with Lucy Culliton

" I have a good job. I need the money.I love rescuing abandoned animals so my dog food bills are huge"

" I paint faces too. But only of those I know and who I can feel. I could feel Ray Hughes stomach pushing onto his belt.I could feel his nostrils storming in his nose"

" I am a hoarder. Cannot throw anything out. I store objects by colour in different cabinets"

" I will do my animals next"

" I always have two pictures on the go. Paint one while other is drying"

" Love cow shirts. I painted my latest ones by taking these straight out of the closet. Some only took a day"

" I am Libran. Brought up in Hornsby"

" I always loved painting horses. Started in graphic design and fell into painting"

"In studio by 9 am every day"

"when doing a still life, I bring out my own objects. Place one at front,paint it then choose another object placed behind the first one. One by one I place and paint.All started by the tea cups left to me by my grandmothers"

"favourite colours are pink and green"

" the LUCKY bottle top and the LUCKY  beer bottle. It was a classic gift from one artist to another. A chinese beer"

" got up at 4.30 am to be here"

" hope you like the weeds I have painted from my garden

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Let's dance with Flowers

Rose petal syrup for breakfast would be nice
on corn flakes, on toast
My day could be scented
It may not touch my soul
and maybe it would?

Art by Diana Watson. Frances Keevil Gallery