Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Maybe I was Australia Once

I was nameless
But my skies were blue
My trees were green
My rivers were full
My seas were sparkling

I attract and comfort with my red stillness, my orange sun, my yellow awareness, my green love, my light blue voice, my indigo blue rhythm, my navy blue repose, my pink laugh, my gold comfort, my purple ease, my gold nature
my white silence

A temple may have appeared some 50,000 years ago in my Kimberley region
A Gold Shiva. But maybe then it was abandoned. Someone may have found it again recently

My silence is golden. I am the oldest continent.

Some came by boats, some walked across. The kangaroos always hop.

They were attracted
By my blue skies
My green trees
My full rivers my sparkling seas

My silence is golden. And over the centuries an almost monastic life of few belongings evolved.

And then more refined boats came. This time with sails.
They were attracted
By my blue skies
My green trees
My full rivers my sparkling seas

And some poor

Stone houses, roads, agriculture, mining, schools and hats were born.
So was my name. I am Australia

And I contend with the universal drive of greed, lust and anger

Many ashrams, temples, churches, mosques and  places of peace exist. In cities and in the tranquil bush. My silence is golden. My flies are aggressive.

They were attracted
By my blue skies
My green trees
My full rivers my sparkling seas

Harbourfront homes, workers cottages, the National Trust, Art, Energy, Rugby, Cricket, Bush Dances, World music, Rachmaninoff, Sculthorpe are here. Banks too.

They have discovered the gifts in my bowels. There is a lot more.

Maybe I will be abandoned like the temple those 50,000 years ago? My silence is golden. As I know it all.

I attract and comfort with my red wines, my orange dessert wines, my yellow bananas, my green spinach, my light blue coolness, my indigo blue opera companies, my navy blue seeds, my pink pavlovas, my gold bread, my purple passion fruit, my gold beer, my white noodles.
I attract and comfort with my red deserts, my orange birds of paradise, my yellow frangipani, my green feel, my light blue reefs, my indigo blue cicadas, my navy blue. My pink gladiolas, my gold beaches, my purple mountains, my gold sunsets, my white.

Ps.I say to all my children. Please relax. I will provide. Maybe a new Buddha will be born here. Is this as close as you get to paradise? I will let you decide. As I said the universal greed does test me. But you know what to do. Don’t you?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I give thanks for

I am told that reciting these words creates gratitude.
" I give thanks for this perfect day where Miracles follow Miracles and wonders never cease"

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Painful Breakfast for Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon the contemporary artist was a neighbour. As you know he was into pain- I won’t elaborate except to say that when he was at the Newsagent each morning he would be covered in bandages. He still always looked civil in his tweed jacket and corduroy. I appreciate why someone would go on this journey. When all heights of success are reached what does one do then? Jackson Pollock in the later years of his life was into fast cars and young women. I understand he died in an accident during one of this episodes. By this time he had separated from his wife and unofficial agent who made him who he was. I wonder how she felt when he killed himself. Art can do this to one. That feverish search for the next can be a culprit for many destructions.

Francis Bacon was a softly spoken man. I also wonder what his mother may have thought of his pain journeys.
I am guessing that like all mothers she would consider feeding him first. 
Howard Hughes became a recluse in his later years. What will you do given that all your dreams will be fulfilled?

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Man and A Star

He tried to keep it hidden under his
much loved red bed covers

but the star pushed here and there creating
lumps under the duvet

so he thought

why not make a tiara from it
and keep it secure on my wife’s head

the orange diamond tiara with one white shiny star
kept floating off her head

Well then, the man thought
maybe a brooch with the star on a pin, on his lapel, is a better idea

The star was strong
and often lifted the man off his feet

As he was a gardener,
he decided a better place for it would be,
tied to the top of a tree, like stars on Christmas trees,
in his large pink and green garden

but then many stars came to visit his star at night and it was like
daylight in the middle of the night and he could not sleep

so he went out to the garden

and started singing to his star

The star listened, and the early morning with glimmers of light blue began to wake up

As the star listened, beautiful fairies dressed in dark blue with pink and white ribbons arrived

and as the song was about the star

the star turned gold from white (it’s the way stars blush)

All the other stars on the trees in the forest turned purple
as they were junior stars

The mans star remained bright and gold and strong

The tree was weak for the star and soon began to lose roots. The man quickly took the star off the tree

The star turned white again and smiled

The man then just held on to the star
and was gently raised off the ground

They kept on floating until they arrived in the land of other Magic Stars.

(One of mine First Published by Bonjour Baby few years ago)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Colour Prayer

She liked white and had not said a word yet

On her tenth birthday
she stood on the red steps
of the red opera house
-the red opera house on the north side of Sydney Harbour
almost opposite the white opera house

She scattered orange petals, yellow petals, green leaves and spoke
in a light blue voice
A bird of navy blue pink and gold feathers stood by her. Was this the grateful bird? Purple gold and white danced
She said
white stillness, pure gold, purple wonder,gold strength, pink joy, pink infinity, navy blue now, strong indigo blue, light blue fountain, the green first reason, compassionate orange, endless yellow,
royal red, single red, free orange, free yellow, green depth as clear as crystal, all attractive light blue, strong indigo blue, strong navy blue, pink wishes, gold compassion, compassionate purple,
gold of golds, of creativity, white of whites, gold truth, purple mentor, funny gold, pink friend of children, navy blue of nature,
indigo blue knowledge, light blue song of nature, green creation, yellow in senses, orange guide, red way, red inspirer, orange giver, yellow help, dazzling green, light blue of the delicate, with indigo blue eyes, navy blue good, with pink kind eyes, golden hair, golden complexion, purple complexion, gold warmth, of white space, white and gold love, of all purple knowledge, gold presence, pink in thunder and storms, navy blue pleasure, indigo blue beauty,
light blue lines, all attractive green, of yellow stirring music, of orange, red refuge, clear red, orange orange, yellow yellow, with green giving hands, of green, light blue truth, indigo blue essence, navy blue sparkle, pink with gold, purple guide, gold here, here white, white is the sun with penetrating vision, purple and golden constant winner, gold reach, of all pink, infinite navy blue, indigo blue knowledge, light blue care, deep green in greens, orange truth, dedicated to yellow, red peace, red glory, orange beauty, yellow, of green and light blue evenings, handsome indigo blue, intelligent navy blue, pink of pinks, of gold golds, purple purple,gold friend,
openness, formless white and gold, prevailing purple, efficient purple, purple origin, purple form, gold and permanent pink, navy blue belief, indigo blue blue, dense green, orange, yellow, red friend, red
and fell silent

Are the colours telling us that reciting the girl's words could make all our wishes come true?What else do red orange yellow green light blue indigo blue navy blue pink gold purple gold white know?
Today is a Wednesday         

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tagore inspired TriciaN ( words in Blue from Tagores Stray Birds)

Red action spurs

Red… Red Hardys Bay… Red Seagull beaks..Red Roofs…Red Sydney..Red Gladiolas..Sandy…Red Woolwich…Red Hunters Hill…Red Pomegranate and Bitter Melon curry…Red Peace…Red Film Set catering…Red Australia…Red Deserts…Red Ants…  

Stray birds of Summer come to my window to sing and fly away. And yellow leaves of autumn, which have no songs, flutter and fall there with a sigh

In sunsets I see a connection, a confirmation of peace. It may be the colours

Orange…Orange Sandy…Orange Norma and John…Orange John Junior…Orange TV sets…Orange ActorsOrange truth…Orange Designers…Orange Lights…Orange Pals…Orange Gals…

O troupe of little vagrants of the world, leave your footprints in my words

The sun makes me smile

…Yellow St Josephs School…Yellow Marist College…Yellow Wisdom…Yellow Good and Bad Mentors…Yellow Norma words…Yellow Inner voice…Dedicated to Yellow…Yellow Sandy Notes…Yellow thoughts…yellow feelings..yellow scripts…

The world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover.It becomes small as one song, as one kiss of the eternal

Am cool, lying in the grass. Get many brilliant ideas and itches

grandpas green cargreen Sydney ferns..green itchy grassy legs…green eucalyptus..green grass on edge of beaches…green…Sandy’s care…natural green courage…natural green love…deep Green in Green

It is the tears of the earth that keep her smiles in bloom

Blue may mean sad to some. Blue to me is life- repose- a relaxed life is mine under this blue sunny sky

…Light blue Australian skies…light blue TV dialogues…light blue intuition…light blue words…Pacific ocean…light blue wave breakers…light blue twinkle…my light blue songs..light blue Sandys voice…Light Blue care…

The mighty desert is burning for the love of a blade of grass who shakes her head and laughs and flies away

When the music plays- when the conversation stirs- when the lights are bright- when the mood is high- when the night is always young- when indigo blue dances and shines

…an indigo blue scintillating evening with Sandy…Indigo blue whispers…indigo blue sound of the sea…indigo blue piano/harp…the truth in Sandy’s voice…a soft brush of ease…Indigo blue knowledge…indigo blue sculthorpe…

If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars
The navy blue dark-oh!-the night-oh- the sky inky blue-oh!-oh! oh! oh!

…navy blue traffic lights in a dream…ugly navy blue banker suits…navy blue tax office…scary…navy blue officialdom…boring…navy blue ink…navy blue wrapping paper …formal..infinite Navy Blue…some navy blue school uniforms..starchy…

The sands in your way beg for your song and your movement, dancing water. Will you carry the burden of their lameness?
Pink Feb when the girls come out to play- mardi gras- when drinks flow- laughter and joy- my colour pink

…Pink mardi gras…the festival…the parade..gorgeous girls…pink smiles…pink sparkle…pink sequins…Sandy…pink drinks..pink champagne..pink candy floss…of all Pink…

Her wistful face haunts my dreams like the rain at night
Gold touches me- in this joyous dream- where I am floating in some fluid- gold surrounds me, gold glistens, as light gold light only can

…gold crowns…gold indian jewellery…gold embroidery…gold leaf..gold radiance..Gold reach…Sandy and I

Once we dreamt that we were strangers. We wake up to find that we were dear to each other
My dear warm purple friends- purple as you are wise. Bridge the card game has purple- bidding and making seven no trumps- elusive but I can do it

…purple flowing monks…purple bridge table covers…purple Tagore…purple poetry…purple and golden constant winner….....purple poets…purple poems…

Sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among the silent trees
Clean White. White at weddings. White Lilies. White confetti falling in a circle around the white lotus pond with white fantailed pigeons.Cooling.Cooing.White cooing.

…and white…and bright white…sedate white..sparkling white…white is the sun with penetrating vision…crisp white.

Some unseen fingers, like idle breeze, are playing upon my heart the music of the ripples

TriciaN lives on the coast north of Sydney. Poem started by me asking her a series of questions. One of which was " What does the colour red mean to you?"

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sudarshan Kavach Mahamantra in English

I pay respect to PP108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji Mahoday Shri of Ahmedabad for intoducing me to this. Those who know need no explanation of its merits. Otherwise speak to your Guru

Vaishavana Hi Rakshath Shree Vallabh Nirupitah
Sudarshan MahaMantro Vaishvana Hita Vaha

Mantra Madye Nirupataye Chakrakar Chaelikyane
Uttara Garbeh Rakshay Parikshi Hiteh Rateh

Brahbhastra Varan Chaivateh Bhaktona BhayaBhanJanah
Vadanch Ch Dhustah Daityana Khand Khand Chakaryehtam

Vaishnavona Hitarthey Chakradhari Dharayateh Hari
Pitamber Parabrhabha Vanmali Gadahdhar

Kadapra Koti Lavanya Gopika Pran Vallabh
Shree Vallabh Krupanatho Girdhar Shatru Madrana

Davagni Dapra Hatarch Gopina Bhayah Nashanam
Gopala Gop Kanyabhi Samavruta Dhi Tishtteh

Vrajmandal Prakashich Kalinda Virhanal
Swarupananda Danarth TaapNotar Bhavan

Nikunj Vihar Bhavagneh Deh Hi Meh Nij Darshanam
Go-Gopika Shutra Kirano Vennu Vahdan Tatpara

Kamrupi Kala Vanch Kaminyan Kamdo Vibhu
Manmatho Mathuranatho Madhavo Makar Davaj

Shree Dharah Shree Karachaive Shree Nivas Santa Gati
Muktido Bhaktido Vishnu Bhudharo Bhoot Bhavan

Sarva Dukh Haroviro Dushtah Danaveh Nashak
Shree Narsiho MahaVishnu Mahadaitveh Vinashaneh

Chitanand Mayo Nitya Purnah Braha Bh Sanatana
Kotibhanu Prakashiyea Kothilila Prakashvan

Bhakti Priyashveh Padmah Netro Bhaktana VanchiChth Pradeh
Mukheh  Krushno Hraday Krushno Netre Krishnah  Shvah Karnayoh

Bhakti Priyashvah Shree Krishna Sarveh Krishnamaya Jagat
Kal Mrutyu Yamadutam Bhootprehtam Praduyateh

Pishachaneh Rakshashsan Shreveh Hadi Rogashve Daruran
Bhucharan Khecharan Sarvah Dakini Shakini Tatha

Natakam Chetakam Cheaivah Chalah Chidranan Dashyateh
Akaleh Maranam Tasyah Shok Dosho Nuh Labhyateh

Sarvah Vidan Kshaeiyeh Yanti Rakshameh Gopika Priyeh
Bhayan Davagni Chorana Vigraheh Rajyeh Sankateh

Vyal Vyadh Mahashatru Vairi Bandhan Labhyateh
Aadhi Vyadhi Harshvevah Graha Pida Vinashneh

Sangrameh Jai Datah Tasmat Dayayeh Dev Sudarshana
Sashtdasha Ume Shloka Mantra Madyachae Likyateh

Vaishnavana Mindah Mantra Anyobhon Diyateh
Vansh Vruudhi Bhavaneh Tasyah Shrotach Fhalamapunyat

Sudarshan Mahamantro Labhyateh Jai Mangalam
Eeti Shree Vallabhacharya Virchith Sudarshan Mahamantramah